What are headshots and why are they important 
Headshots are photographs that show a person's head and shoulders, typically taken from the front or slightly to the side. In the entertainment industry, headshots are used as promotional materials to help actors and models get work. They are usually taken by professional photographers and can be used on websites, social media profiles, or printed and handed out to casting directors and agents.
Headshots are important because they provide a visual representation of an actor or model's appearance and can help them stand out from the competition. A good headshot should accurately depict a person's appearance, including their facial features, hair, and skin tone, and should convey their personality and style. In the entertainment industry, casting directors and agents often rely on headshots to get a sense of an actor or model's look and to decide whether they might be suitable for a particular role.
In addition to the entertainment industry, headshots are also commonly used in other professions where appearance is important, such as modeling, acting, public speaking, and business. In these fields, a professional headshot can help people make a strong first impression and convey their credibility and professionalism.
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